Common Work Injuries: When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in New London, CT

There are many workplace-related accidents every year. While they can vary from minor to severe, here are the most common ones you should watch out for. If you have unfortunately been injured in the past, continue reading to learn more about putting an end to your pain and suffering by contacting a personal injury lawyer in New London, CT.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are all but too common. These can happen anywhere and at any time, no matter where you work. Always be on the lookout for wet floor signs. Keep your eyes in front of you at all times. While it’s easy to get distracted by your smart phone while walking around the office, wait until you’re seated to respond to that email or text.

Repetitive Movement

Some injuries don’t just happen instantly. While a slip, trip, or fall can happen in a matter of seconds, a repetitive movement injury takes time. Sometimes, it can take years to present itself. These are common among HVAC contractors and pest control specialists who have to spend hours in cramped and awkward spaces.

Muscle Sprains

Lastly, muscle sprains happen when you’re lifting a heavier load than you’re accustomed to. Your back, wrists, or knees can give out, so always proceed slowly and with caution.

What to Do When You’ve Fallen Victim to One or More of These Injuries

If these painful injuries sound all too familiar, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in New London, CT. If this is your first workplace-related injury and you want your pain and suffering to end, contact the Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck and Scott D. Camassar, LLC through their Visit the website today.