Common Cases Filed by Malpractice Lawyers in Palestine, TX

In the United States, tort laws cover medical malpractice claims, as torts are civil wrongdoings resulting in harm, loss or suffering. Instead of criminal wrongdoing, medical malpractice is usually seen as negligence, since most cases are accidental, not intentional. Here are three of the most common types of medical malpractice in the state of Texas.

Gross Negligence

In cases of gross negligence, the errors committed by a medical professional are obvious. This may include operating on the wrong body part, performing surgery on the wrong patient, or amputating the wrong limb. Malpractice lawyers in Palestine, TX may not need medical experts to testify for clients in cases of gross negligence, as the injury to the patient is obvious.

Wrong Dosages

When the wrong dosage of medicine is received, it can cause patients to get nauseous or vomit, and their condition may worsen. Or an overdose could even kill someone. Even though a doctor may prescribe the correct dosage, a nurse may make a mistake and administer the wrong amount, or a pharmacy may misread the doctor’s order. After investigating your case, malpractice lawyers will determine who committed malpractice and will then hold them liable for any harm it caused you.

Diagnostic Errors

Making the wrong diagnosis can be fatal in some cases, and misdiagnosing a patient can prevent them from receiving the treatments they need on time. A wrong diagnosis can mean that a patient receives the wrong care or medication, which can cause their condition to worsen. When it comes to medical emergencies, timing is generally very important, since a delay in diagnosis can cost someone a limb, an organ, or even their life. If you need advice to find out if you have a medical malpractice case, click here.

It can take months for malpractice cases to be heard in court, but most malpractice lawyers work on a contingency basis and get paid after you have won your case.