Choosing the Right Accident Lawyer in Annapolis

Most people will be injured at least once in their lifetime, and many of these injuries are due to another person’s negligent behavior. Although auto accidents are the main cause of such incidents, personal injury actions may also arise from falls, medical malpractice, and other scenarios. If a person is hurt because someone acted negligently, an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis can talk to eyewitnesses, gather evidence and negotiate for a fair settlement.

It’s Important to Choose the Right Attorney

Personal injury law encompasses a spectrum of legal areas, and attorneys may have different areas of focus. For instance, some attorneys handle only auto accident cases, while others take a variety of claims. Area of specialty isn’t the only factor to be considered; others are listed below.

• Focus: One should choose an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis who has handled similar cases in the past. For example, if a person is a medical malpractice victim, a slip and fall attorney may not be the right choice.

• Experience: Injured parties should find an attorney who has been practicing for years. When calling a firm, ask if the case will be handled by a single lawyer, and make arrangements for an in-person meeting.

• Bar membership: Determine if the attorney belongs to the state bar association. One should be able to find out when the attorney was inducted, which can give an idea of their level of experience.

Look in the Legal Directory

If one isn’t able to find an attorney through other channels, legal directories can be a time-saver. When a potential attorney is found, the victim should research them online-;but the decision shouldn’t be made based on online presence. One can’t gauge a lawyer’s demeanor without a face-to-face meeting.

The Consultation

When the victim makes a short list of potential accident attorneys, they should schedule a consultation with each. During the meeting, ask questions about the lawyer’s experience, to determine whether they have the qualifications and time to take the case. If an injury occurs, call an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis. A lawyer with the Jaklitsch Law Group can help clients get through the claims process, and they can fight for the victim’s rightful compensation.