Birth Injury Attorneys in Miamisburg, OH Help Clients Recover Damages

There can be nothing more joyous than when a couple gives birth to their child, except when something goes wrong, and the child suffers a birth injury. If the birth injury occurs because of negligence with the obstetrician or the doctor who gave prenatal care, there is bound to be a lawsuit on the horizon. There are Birth Injury Attorneys in Miamisburg OH who represent clients who have sustained such injuries to their child because of medical negligence. Here are some things the clients should know about birth injury law in Ohio.

Understanding the Personal Injury Law in Ohio

When a child sustains an injury due to a birth injury that is the fault of the medical professional, the injury qualifies as a personal injury, and the parents have the legal right to sue. As a personal injury, the clients should recognize that they only have two years from the date the birth injury was reasonably discovered to file the lawsuit. If they fail to meet this deadline, any opportunity to have the case heard will be likely gone. Also will be gone the opportunity to be awarded damages.

More about Personal Injury Law in Ohio

When it comes to getting awarded damages in Ohio, the client can expect to receive damages capped at $250,000 (not to exceed $350,000) for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Punitive damages are limited to twice the amount of whatever the economic damages are, but with the right attorney, the client can possibly get the maximum amount for all. It is necessary for potential clients to act quickly on any intention to sue to give the attorney the room to fight successfully for their cause.

Who to Call in Ohio for Birth Injury Case

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