Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens, NY

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Attorneys

Trucking accidents are very different from collisions involving two or more automobiles. Due to the weight and momentum of trucks, most trucking accidents result in fatalities and cases where, if the victims survive, they sustain far more grievous injuries than victims of auto accidents. Aside from this, trucking accident cases are far more difficult to settle due to the wide range of factors that contribute to the collision.

The investigation of the circumstances of a trucking accident is complex and usually takes a lot of time. Only a truck accidents lawyer in Queens, NY with experience in the investigation of truck accident claims can successfully recreate the circumstances that led to the collision and determine the party or parties responsible. Once the culpability of the guilty party has been ascertained, negotiations for a fair settlement can then begin. Take a look at some of the reasons why victims should hire a truck accidents lawyer in Queens, NY.


One of the key qualities possessed by truck accident lawyers is the experience garnered over years of dealing with trucking companies, their insurance firms, and the insurance adjusters. This experience enables them to deal with insurance firms when they try to pressurize truck accident victims into accepting lesser compensation amounts than they are entitled to.

Expert Representation

In situations where negotiations with the insurance company break down or where both parties cannot agree on a fair settlement amount, the truck accident case is usually taken to a court of law. When this happens, a truck accident lawyer begins to gather evidence to enable the preparation of a bullet-proof case. Truck accident lawyers stand on behalf of their clients during court proceedings and represent their clients’ best interests.

Focus on Recuperation

Once a trucking accident occurs, insurance companies and their agents begin gathering evidence to help strengthen their case against victims. Victims of trucking accidents usually sustain grave injuries, and this prevents them from carrying out the necessary procedures required by the case. As such, it is in their best interest to hire a trucking accident lawyer from the Levy & Borukh, PLLC to handle all the pertinent details regarding their case.

Once they do this, there is nothing to worry about, and they can focus on recuperating from their injuries. Truck accident victims should Browse the to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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