Avoid Embarrassment by Hiring DWI Lawyers in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Lawyer

A drunk driving charge carries serious consequences that include driver’s license suspension, fines, increased car and homeowner’s insurance costs, and, possibly, a jail sentence. By the time a person is pulled over, it’s likely too late to prevent the charges. At that point, the only option is to minimize the criminal and social consequences of a DWI conviction. The optimal place to start is by contacting an attorney who focuses on DWI cases.

Because DWI is such a serious offense, it’s essential for a person who has been charged with this violation not attempt to represent themselves in court. It may be possible to beat the charge, but it isn’t likely without a lawyer. DWI lawyers in Fort Wayne IN, that concentrate on these types of cases are aware of strategies they can use to discredit the arresting officers or cast doubt that the driver was actually under the influence when they were pulled over.

The most effective DWI lawyers in Fort Wayne IN have a solid relationship with the courts. They are respected by other lawyers and judges. When they walk into the courtroom, prosecutors know they won’t be able to get an easy conviction. By choosing one of these professionals, a person who has been charged with this offense can be sure they’ll have the best possible chance of avoiding the most serious penalties associated with DWI. In some cases, the charges are dropped completely because the prosecutor is not able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In addition to the criminal penalties associated with driving while intoxicated, there are also financial consequences. With a conviction, a defendant will most likely lose their driving privileges for a period of time. When they are able to drive again, they’ll find their insurance rates skyrocket because they represent a higher risk to the insurance company. Contacting A Arrested Hotline right away might help a driver avoid the embarrassment of having to ask someone else for a ride to and from work every day or even having to ride the bus because they aren’t allowed to drive their own car.

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