Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood, FL and the Constraints of Personal Injury Protection Coverage

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Lawyer

Drunk driving is the cause of a large percentage of vehicle collisions. Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL represent clients who have been seriously injured when a person drinks too much alcohol and gets behind the wheel.

Some of those drivers no longer have automotive insurance. They have previous convictions for driving under the influence and have found the insurance rates are way too high now. Some men and women continue to drive even after license suspension or revocation, long after they have canceled their insurance or failed to renew it. Their insurer may have canceled the policy or refused to renew it as well.

A No-Fault State

Florida is a no-fault state in regard to which insurance company pays for property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages. Each driver is required by law to carry a certain amount of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage that pays their expenses even when another driver caused the accident. Nevertheless, some policyholders still run into difficulties with their own carriers. Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL help them sort out the issue, negotiating a fair amount of compensation from the insurance company.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

The minimum amount of PIP required in Florida is $10,000, which is also the maximum allowed by law. If the policyholder has medical expenses totaling more than this and the insurer states that it will pay substantially less, a free consultation with a firm like the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. is advisable. Florida laws allow insurers to pay less than the full PIP coverage, but an attorney can determine when this is justified and when it is not.

A Frustrating Situation

These Florida laws originally were intended to help injured residents obtain compensation when they were struck by uninsured drivers. The state has more than three million uninsured drivers on the road. However, the limitations of PIP can be extremely frustrating. To obtain the most compensation possible under the regulations, an injured person may need the assistance of an accident lawyer. One possibility might be suing the at-fault driver if that individual has enough assets to make this worthwhile.

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