Accused of Robbery? Follow These Steps Before Hiring a Robbery Defense Lawyer in Kutztown, PA

Anyone who’s been accused of robbery knows how important it is to have a good defense lawyer. When looking at a robbery defense lawyer in Kutztown, PA, people should go through a few steps before they make their decision.

Find out about their experience – not all attorneys have the same experience. When hiring a robbery defense attorney, make sure they have experience defending robbery cases. Ask them questions like:

  • Where did they go to law school?
  • How much trial experience do they have?
  • Have they been to the court where the case is being tried?
  • Have they negotiated deals with the prosecutor’s office before?
  • How often do their cases go to trial?
  • How familiar are they with the charges?
  • What bar associations or professional organizations do they belong to?

Obtain references

All qualified lawyers have happy former clients who have given them positive reviews online. It’s important to read reviews from past clients. They can be very valuable when it comes to making the final decision.

Look for confidence

An experienced lawyer knows the legal system well enough to predict the possible turnout. If they don’t convey this, they may not be a good choice.

Ask them to assess the case

All attorneys should provide an honest assessment of the case, including which parts work in the client’s favor, which parts work against them, and what to expect at different stages of the case.

Learn about their fees

Every law firm bills differently, and experienced lawyers charge more than those who have little experience. Robbery defense lawyers in Kutztown, PA usually charge flat fees. Potential clients should know how much they’ll have to pay upfront, and how much they’ll have to pay total.

Bring the appropriate documents

The lawyer will need a lot of information. This includes:

  • Courthouse documents that list the charges and the appearance date.
  • Bail papers
  • Documents the police provided after the home or other property was searched, if applicable.
  • Any information that provides an alibi or helps the case, such as ticket stubs, receipts, emails, or text messages.

These are the different steps to take when hiring a robbery defense lawyer. People should learn more about Missan Law Office and other offices before making their decision.