A Truck Accident Lawyer in Macomb County, MI Knows the Common Reasons Incidents Occur

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Macomb County MI is knowledgeable about the common causes of accidents between heavy trucks and passenger vehicles or pedestrians. Often, a semi truck driver or the employing company is at fault. Sometimes, both share the responsibility. The pressure on drivers to run as many miles as possible and to never be late for a pickup or delivery can result in unwise behavior and errors in judgment behind the wheel. Employers may delay vehicle maintenance and repairs in an effort to save money, resulting in drivers having to operate unsafe equipment.

When drivers are afraid they’ll be fired if they don’t get to appointments on time, they may make risky maneuvers. They’ll drive on icy roads and travel too fast when visibility is poor. Sometimes, detours force drivers off main highways onto ones that don’t have shoulders or that are much narrower. Traveling too fast in these situations can lead to a collision. A fatigued trucker who does not have a great deal of experience may topple a traffic light or street lamp while making a turn at a tight intersection.

Equipment failures and issues with loads can cause serious incidents and injuries to other people on the road, who then need help from a truck accident lawyer in Macomb County MI to obtain reasonable financial compensation. Tire blowouts can occur when tires are not routinely inspected for problems or when the load is too heavy or not distributed evenly. The large pieces of rubber left on the road are bad enough, but those pieces of tire flying through the air can hit vehicles behind the truck, break windshields, and scare drivers enough to lose control of the car. Unsecured loads on flatbed trailers also cause serious accidents. A load of lumber that comes loose when a truck is moving along at high speeds may cause a disaster on the road. Anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of an incident involving a semi truck may contact a firm such as Macomb Injury Lawyers for assistance by phone or through the website.