A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Lubbock, TX Can Help

Nowadays, Americans live longer than ever thanks to health care improvements. A sector of the elderly population lives in nursing homes because they need specialized care. Sadly, some nursing home residents face abuse daily. Experts say abused patients have a 300 percent chance of dying an early death. If you suspect abuse, talk to a nursing home abuse attorney in Lubbock, TX.

Abuse Takes Many Forms

There are many forms of nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, physical abuse tops the list. Examples include staff hitting patients and patients left to sit or sleep in excrement. On the other hand, abuse can be financial. Money may be missing out of a loved one’s bank account, or they may get caught in a financial scam. There have been cases where staff members got patients to sign new wills and powers of attorney.

Emotional abuse occurs regularly. Patients are yelled at and criticized for no reason. It’s so important that family visits often to catch the abuse. It’s hard to believe but some elderly residents are sexually abused. Sexual abuse does not have to be a physical act. It can be, for instance, a male staffer watching a female patient undress.

Look For Signs of Abuse

Beware of caregivers who linger around during visits. They probably don’t want the patient to reveal the abuse. Also, check the patient’s body for signs of broken skin, bed sores and other marks. Get a doctor’s opinion if the patient suffers more infections than usual. Patients should be clean at all times and beds changed. Further, be concerned if your family member’s mood worsens or they lose a lot of weight.

Talk to a Lawyer

Those who suspect abuse should consult with a nursing home abuse attorney in Lubbock, TX. The attorney investigates to see if the patient has a case. Remember, the nursing home is liable if employee negligence causes an injury. Abuse victims are entitled to economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills and therapy costs. Pain and suffering are examples of non-economic damages. A jury may award punitive damages in particularly severe cases of abuse. Visit a lawyer’s website or click here for more information.