A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Handles Cases Involving Allegations of Mistreatment

Discovering that a loved one is the victim of nursing home mistreatment is a shattering moment. Even suspecting this situation is distressing. Someone who is dealing with this type of scenario may contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney for information on how to proceed. These lawyers usually offer free consultations, so there is no monetary obligation until a person signs a contract.

A lawyer who believes the relative has a good case will learn as much as possible from this person and the rest of the family. Any friends of the disabled individual who have visited on occasion also may be interviewed. This Nursing Home Abuse Attorney then contacts the facility, allowing the managers to provide their defense and offer explanations as to why the allegations are incorrect. In many instances, the managers will want to have their insurer settle the case without proceeding any further. That’s particularly true when the managers realize that some abuse or neglect has indeed occurred.

The facility may decide to fight the claim of abuse and neglect. The family’s law firm, such as Daniel and Fontaine LLC, must then do further investigation. Definitive evidence verifying the allegations will be necessary. That may involve medical witnesses to include doctors and other investigators. They evaluate the facility and the accusations and observe the health, well-being, and demeanor of the residents. If residents appear to be afraid of the staff members, that’s an important red flag.

Nursing homes nearly always want to avoid going to trial over these matters. They do not want the negative publicity and the expense. The family may want financial compensation so they can afford to move the loved one elsewhere. They also may want compensation as a matter of justice, which is understandable. A nursing home owner or manager typically wants to keep these allegations out of the public eye, and may require silence on the part of the family if a settlement is made. Whether or not the family is comfortable with this is something they must carefully consider. The lawyer may demand that the nursing care facility provides evidence that all similar problems have been resolved and preventive measures have been put in place. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates.