A Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Spokane, WA Helps Clients Injured by Drunk Drivers

A person driving with a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit in Washington is committing a crime. If this driver causes an accident, the charges are even more serious. The criminal courts deal with the offense of driving under the influence, while civil courts may need to consider the incident if anyone was seriously injured by the driver’s behavior. That injured person may hire a motor vehicle accidents attorney in Spokane, WA to obtain reasonable financial compensation. If the insurer does not agree to a reasonable settlement, the lawyer will then proceed with bringing the case in front of a judge.

Causing a collision after drinking alcohol leads to all sorts of negative consequences for the driver. There will be a steep financial penalty, license suspension and possibly even some jail time. Automotive insurance premiums go up substantially after this type of behavior. The individual may have difficulty finding an insurance company to provide coverage, especially when a motor vehicle accidents attorney in Spokane, WA has to file a lawsuit against the insurer that was providing coverage when the accident occurred. This individual now has given every indication of being a high-risk driver, and insurance companies naturally don’t want to pay out enormous sums.

A firm such as Deissner Law Office represents clients who have been seriously hurt by a vehicle driver and are facing difficult financial circumstances because of this. It is unjust to think these individuals should have to spend all their savings to make up for lost wages and to have their own health insurance pay for medical expenses. In addition, most health insurance coverage includes a deductible and a co-pay percentage, which can make medical bills tremendously expensive when co-pay must be made for hospitalization, diagnostic imaging, surgery and ongoing treatment.

One point of good news is that when the other driver has been convicted of DUI, the insurer will have trouble trying to prove that the injured person was primarily at fault or was negligent. The insurance company is likely to agree to a good settlement because underwriters know a jury will probably feel a great deal of sympathies for the plaintiff. Contact us for assistance.