A Divorce Lawyer in Cleveland TN Assists Clients With Custody Agreements

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Lawyer

Decades ago, most divorced parents had a custodial arrangement in which the mother was granted primary physical custody and the father was granted weekend visitation. That visitation might have included one daytime visit, or one or two overnight stays every weekend. Some fathers only were able to see their children every other weekend. Today’s schedules, documented with the court by a divorce lawyer in Cleveland, TN, tend to be much different.

Shared Physical Custody

Even when the parents have had a contentious divorce, it is common for them to share physical custody today, even if they cannot achieve this completely equally. Numerous alternative custody schedules can be viewed online to give divorcing parents some ideas if they are having trouble figuring out a calendar.

Shared physical custody is obviously easier when the parents live relatively close to each other. If the kids can easily get to their school from either home, they might be able to live with either parent any day of the week.

A 50-50 Calendar

Some parents decide on a 50-50 calendar with alternating weeks. Others manage the 50-50 arrangement by having the youngster spend three days with one parent one week and four days with that parent the next week. Another possibility is for the children to switch between households every two days. The agreement can be documented with the court by a divorce lawyer in Cleveland, TN.

The court is likely to approve any arrangement that the judge believes will be healthy and positive for the youngsters. Custody calendars can be documented by the Chancey-Kanavos law firm.

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