A Divorce Law Lawyer in Rockville Centre NY Assists Clients With Substantial Assets and Big Disagreements

Married couples without children and with hardly any assets to speak of may complete and file divorce paperwork with the court on their own, not needing an attorney. Most divorcing spouses, however, need representation by a Divorce Law Lawyer in Rockville Centre NY has available. Financial situations tend to become too complex after several years of marriage, and there may be disagreements about child custody as well.

Spousal Support

A married person may be alarmed by some of the demands a soon-to-be ex-spouse is making, and it becomes imperative to hire an experienced Divorce Law Lawyer in Rockville Centre NY has available. The husband or wife may be demanding a very large amount of spousal support, for instance, if the other spouse earns a remarkably high income. Both of these individuals may be better off coming to an agreement outside of court, since family court judges can be unpredictable.

Protecting One’s Wealth

High income earners who already owned substantial assets when they married will naturally want to protect their wealth in the event of a divorce. They feel even more determined about this if they believe the other spouse is mostly at fault for the breakdown of this relationship.

The Other Side

On the other side of the matter, spouses must not be overly compliant in an effort to keep the divorce amicable. The termination of a marriage may result in financial hardship for one or both spouses, who have been accustomed to relying on the income of another person to make ends meet. A person who has been staying home caring for children may justifiably expect spousal support for at least six months to a year, or even longer. That’s especially true if this individual doesn’t have the job skills or experience to quickly land a position paying a living wage.

Coming to Agreement

The couple may be battling with each other over certain assets, support issues and child custody. Over time, a contentious relationship can lead to emotional distance or volatility. Lawyers with an organization such as Simon & Milner help these spouses come to agreements so they can avoid litigation. Men and women needing this kind of legal help may Visit website to begin the process.