A Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO Explains the Best Interests of the Child

Parents, during a divorce, are asked by the court to present a parenting plan that outlines custody arrangements for the children. This plan needs to detail when and how the children will see each parent, and important dates must be included such as holidays, vacations and birthdays. Parents may wish to consult with a custody law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO as these matters are being resolved to ensure their rights are protected throughout the process. However, the children will always be the top priority of the court.


The court wants to ensure the child maintains a relationship with each parent and each parent must be committed to encouraging and fostering this relationship. Any contact between the child must be frequent and meaningful, and the parent must show a willingness to be accountable for the needs of the child. One thing that the court does take into consideration is a parent’s desire to relocate with the child, as this can disrupt the relationship with the other parent. Furthermore, the court looks at the child’s relationship with other family members, such as their siblings and extended family.

The Health and Well-Being of All Parties

The safety of the child must be paramount throughout this process. If there is any history of abuse, this will be factored into all decisions regarding custody. The physical and mental health of the parents is of importance at this time, as is the child’s ability to adjust to changes in the home, community and school. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the safety of the child, the court may require supervised visitation.

The court also tries to take into consideration what the child wants in terms of custody and visitation, especially if they are 12 years of age or older. Contact a custody law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO, such as the Dana Outlaw Law Office, to learn more about child custody laws in the state. They know how to protect children while making certain parents aren’t unfairly stripped of their rights. The lawyer works to ensure this is what happens throughout the process, as kids need to be protected at this time. You can also visit them on Facebook.