A Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO Assists When the Noncustodial Parent Wants to Block the Children’s Relocation

Missouri has laws dealing with how a custodial parent must handle relocating far enough away that the move would disrupt the normal visitation schedule. A Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO can help this parent with the process so it is managed properly.

Details of the Process

The custodial parent must send a certified letter to the other parent at least 60 days before relocating. The letter must include the proposed new place of residence, the expected date of the move, the reason for the move and a possible change for the visitation schedule. Afterward, the other parent has 30 days to file an objection with the court. Once this is done, a hearing must be held before the relocation can happen. Having representation by a Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO makes sure these actions are done correctly.

If the custodial parent does not send the letter and moves without proper notification, the other parent can file an emergency order and have the children returned. The court disapproves on this sort of behavior by the custodial parent. That parent may risk losing custody if the other petitions for a change.

The Family Court Viewpoint

In fact, Missouri is known for being particularly strict on this matter. Family courts here tend to side with the noncustodial parent in matters of relocation. That means the custodial parent must relinquish custody if he or she insists on moving. Otherwise, moving must wait until the kids are of majority age.

Creating Cooperation

Parents have the opportunity to be creative and cooperative about this kind of challenge. It requires an open mind. Collaborative sessions can be arranged through an organization like Dana Outlaw Law Office.

For example, the person who wants to relocate may have an excellent reason for doing so, like an amazing job offer or a chance to enter an esteemed graduate school program. The other parent might be able to consider moving to the same area if this is at all feasible. Some divorced parents set up arrangements to meet halfway between one residence and the other for visitation weekends. This works if they do not live too far apart. You can also visit them on Facebook.