Discrimination would not exist in a perfect world. However, because the world we live in is far from perfect, many employees are subject to discrimination in the workplace. If you are unsure what constitutes discrimination, the following are examples of unlawful discrimination:


Some employers give preference to younger employees over older employees. Often, employers feel that they can work younger employees harder and pay them less.  However, the law in California makes it unlawful to discriminate against an employee because he or she is forty (40) years or older. It is also unlawful to target older employees for termination in an effort to replace them with employees under forty (40) and pay them lower wages. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, talk to an employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.


It is unlawful to be discriminated against because you report a disability in the workplace. For example, if you require surgery for your back and need time off to recover, your employer has a duty to engage in the interactive process of accommodation with you to discuss ways to accommodate your surgery and need for time off. If an employer fails to meet with you and discuss accommodations, and simply terminates your position, you may have been subject to disability discrimination in the workplace.


If you are excluded from prime assignments in the office and/or skipped over for promotions because you are a woman, than you could be the victim of workplace discrimination. Also, if you are gay and are subject to unwanted comments by co-workers, or have been terminated because you are not one of the “boys,” you may have been subjected to sexual orientation discrimination and harassment.


If an employer pays employees of color lower wages simply because of the color of their skin, or disciplines employees of color more harshly than their Caucasian counterparts, the employer may be liable for race discrimination. Often an employer will be more subtle in discriminating against an employee because of his or her race. Some employers have been known to administer test which adversely affect people of color and their ability to qualify for promotions and/or pay raises.

If you have been subject to the above types of unlawful discrimination and you wish to file a lawsuit, consult with an employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles for assistance.