5 Questions to Ask a Potential Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Lawyer

When a person is accused of committing a criminal offense, they typically scramble to hire the best Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN. Some people feel like they are pressured into hiring the first lawyer who will take the case, but this can be a serious mistake. Before choosing a criminal attorney, clients should ask five critical questions of each firm they consider.

How Long Has the Firm Been in the Area?

Whether a client is in Rochester, Douglas or Stewartville, they should learn how long the potential firm has been in the local area. Most clients encounter lawyers with broad practice areas, and that is normal. However, in a criminal case, it makes sense to hire someone who is familiar with the local court’s rules, procedures and personnel.

How Long Has the Attorney Been Practicing?

A client does not have to choose the lawyer with the most longevity, but they should select one with sufficient experience. Many clients find it helpful to choose a lawyer with prosecutorial experience, as such attorneys are very familiar with the inner workings of Minnesota’s criminal justice system.

What Percentage of the Firm’s Cases are Criminal?

Some law firms offer a variety of services, but those facing criminal charges should choose a lawyer who focuses on this area of law. Minnesota’s laws are detailed and complex, and a general lawyer may not be the best choice when someone’s future is at stake.

How Can the Attorney Help the Client?

If a lawyer offers a guarantee as to the case’s outcome, the client should look elsewhere. Reliable attorneys such as those with the Rolsch Law Offices will tell clients that they cannot guarantee anything, but they can offer an overview of possible outcomes and will build an appropriate defense strategy.

What are the Lawyer’s Rates?

Like anything else in life, a client gets what they pay for when they work with a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN. A defendant does not always need the most costly lawyer; they only need to find a criminal defense lawyer with enough experience and a good enough reputation to justify the higher rate.

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