3 Reasons to Call a Burn Injury Attorney in Bowie, MD

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Lawyer

There are several situations that often result in a person seeking out a personal injury attorney. Individuals that have been victim of an accident can obtain legal assistance and compensation from the person or company responsible. When fire or high temperatures are involved, it’s important to find a qualified burn injury attorney in Bowie, MD to represent the victim’s best interest when seeking a solution. While most people know that they can request that their medical bills be covered, they may not know about other things that could be brought up as part of their lawsuit.


Severe burns are more than just painful. They can leave a person permanently disfigured. No matter what part of the body was burned, every single time they look at the area, it is a reminder of what happened. As part of a lawsuit, it is possible to present evidence that shows the disfigurement and requires that the responsible party pays for the damage it has created.

Lost Wages

A burn injury attorney in Bowie, MD can also help clients seek out compensation for the time they missed at work. The amount of time missed often depends on the type of burn and the severity. But even missing a couple days of work can result in a financial problem for many families. It’s important to prove how much work was missed, the amount of income that was lost, and figure out how many more days that will be missed in the future due to things like appointments with specialists.

Mental Trauma

Being burned is a horrifying experience. Victims often find themselves in pain and are unable to get any type of relief for a long time. It doesn’t matter if the accident was caused by fire, chemicals, or even radiation, the physical pain is real. However, even after the area of the body is treated and relief finally arrives, many victims find themselves traumatized by the experience. They may avoid common situations that involve heat or wake up with nightmares as they relive the experience in their sleep. Compensation is sometimes available for this as well. Call us if you’ve been victim of a burn and are ready to seek out the responsible parties.

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