What Can You Expect from Divorce Mediation Services?

Going through a divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. It is especially arduous when both parties cannot agree on a settlement and end up needing court intervention to settle their disagreements. Mediation is often the key to working out issues without the aid of a judge. Mediation meetings are held between both parties and their spouses, in an attempt to iron out any disagreements so an agreeable divorce settlement can be drawn up. It is crucial one receives divorce mediation services before attempting to negotiate.

These meetings are overseen by a third-party mediator that works to ensure fairness is given to everyone involved in the mediation meetings. The mediator does not make decisions for the couple but helps in the process by opening the lines of communication and ensuring everyone has a voice in the proceedings. There are many benefits to mediation including:

  • Mediation is less expensive than a trial in court.
  • Mediation is confidential so there is no public record.
  • Mediation allows the parties to control what happens instead of being told what to do by a judge.
  • Mediation is less stressful and allows for open communication.
  • Mediation can help couples to avoid further conflicts after their marriage is legally over.

Those who are in need of divorce mediation services should contact an attorney as soon as possible in the process. Mediation can be used to settle custody, child support, spousal support, visitation, debt disputes, and property splits. It is important one meets with their attorney well before the mediation meetings will take place so they can discuss a strategy.

Mediation meetings may take place several times before a couple is able to settle their differences and agree to a settlement. The more willing both parties are to discuss matters, the more productive these meetings will be.

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