Protecting a Minor with a Family Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO

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In Missouri, family laws protect minors who are at risk or endangered. Common reasons for a change of guardianship are addiction, child abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. A family member has the legal right to seek a change in guardianship to protect the child from their biological parent. A family law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO offers information about obtaining a guardianship.

Contacting Child Protective Services

When a child is at risk, the first course of action is to contact child protective services. A family member can contact the agency and get assistance for the minor. Caseworkers have the authority to evaluate the living conditions of any child if a risk to the child has been reported.

Getting the Child Out of the Home

If a risk is present, the family member can petition the court to acquire emergency custody of the child. A short hearing is scheduled for the proceedings, and the family member explains the circumstances to a family court judge. Temporary custody assignments last up to one year.

Home Studies and Evaluations

A caseworker conducts a home study at the child’s original home and the home of the new caregiver. Evaluations and interviews are conducted to determine the most suitable living arrangements for the child. If the biological parent remains a risk to the child, the petitioner has the option to file for guardianship.

A Guardianship or Child Custody

If the family member seeking custody is a parent, a modification of the original child custody order is completed. If another family member filed the petition, a guardianship is established. As the new guardian, the family member is responsible for the child and must support them financially. Any financial assets owned by the child are managed by their new guardian.

In Missouri, family laws are in place to protect minors who are at risk. Child protective services are often contacted to investigate any allegations of abuse. A family court judge provides emergency custody to the family member under the circumstances. Family members who want to protect a minor can contact a family law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO through Dana Outlaw Law Office right now.

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